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About Us

McKenzie Farms and Nursery is located on Hwy 341 between Lake City and Olanta SC.. We have been producing vegetables and other crops here since the mid 1960's. We grow watermelons, squash and sweet potatoes during the summer season followed by cabbage and collard greens during winter. The Nursery is a year round adventure! We specialize in cold hardy citrus, eucalyptus and some palms. We currently grow and graft some 40 different species of citrus. Many of the citrus species are extremely rare and come from all over the world. Below are some photos of the McKenzie Family.

stan.jpg (32264 bytes) Stan Mckenzie (owner)


Caroline McKenzie.jpg (32264 bytes) Caroline McKenzie Floyd holding Cletus the wonderdog.

thefamily.jpg (25419 bytes) Family Photo


Grandchildren.jpg (37651 bytes) The McKenzie Grandchildren, Marietta Floyd, McKenzie Amos, Ruby Kate Amos and Rhamey Floyd enjoy a sunny afternoon at "Pop Pop" house... The little angels had only moments before been engaged in a tangerine throwing fight!


CletusDriving.jpg (37651 bytes) Cletus McKenzie the family dog who also serves as Head of Security for the business!


CabbageField.jpg (18185 bytes) Newly planted satsuma grove at McKenzie Farms. Planted April 2007.


cabbageTrailer.jpg (27440 bytes) Satsuma grove at McKenzie Farms, October 2008. Tree with fruit is LA Early Satsuma.




TheFarm.jpg (37651 bytes) The Farm






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